I have been writing all my life and have always had a passion for the English language and the written word. I'm the daughter of a fabulous grade-school teacher, so as they say in the world of inheriting great traits: "I got it honest." I have written countless short stories, skits, a movie script (Love's Train), two internationally published novels (One Man's Treasure; And They'll Come Home), songs, an informational guide (You and Your Editor: Choosing the Right Editor for Your Project and Preparing It for Submission), a career self-help guide (You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life's Mission & Living Your Dream), a 3-part poetry series (From Me to You...Through Mine Eyes: Visual Expressions), my fourth poetry book (Vicariously Speaking), a self-esteem guide (Wisdom Nuggets), a spiritual guide (Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges), and I have published four newspaper articles in the SGI-USA weekly publication World Tribune. I am currently working on my third novel (Aftershock)and my fifth poetry book (My Sentiments Exactly) was published in February 2014.

I began my business in January 2006. Prior to that, I worked for two Los Angeles-based literary companies over the span of thirteen months, copy editing, proofreading, and story editing novels; writing press releases, and attending book signings and various publishing-industry seminars. Some of my editing work includes Privileged to Live: A Mother's Story of Survival by Verna Griffin (rapper & producer Dr. Dre's mother); Love & Loyalty by Deborah Mayer; El Cucuy by Alonzo Douglas; Strong Child by Marietta Garrison-Cobb; Health Revolution by Kuny Suzuki; Like unto an Intercessor by Lizzy Iweala; That Was Then, This Is Now by Paulette Harper; Real Talk Tips by Cherise Charleswell; Ijuswannawrite by DeAntwann Johnson (poetry); A Wretch like Me by Wisdom Williams; Watts Learning Center Middle School Anthology (poetry); I have edited for www.bikernet.com, and I'm the editor for the Master Be-ing blog.  

For info about my novels and other works, please visit CharleneE.GreenOnKindle and NovelsbyCharleneE.Green

For full info about my spoken-word career, to purchase product, and to book me for events, please visit www.hustledivaspeaks.com

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