As a first time children's book author, this Creative Consulting time (1/2 hour) with Charlene was very productive. She was well-prepared, efficient, succinct, and honest ("Kill the maps!" I love maps! But, it's not about me. It's about the children's age group.) No time was wasted. I made a point of not talking much in order to receive all the knowledge she had. I am confident that this experience will expedite getting my book published. I absolutely recommend Charlene. Judy Fraser, Author

I met Charlene through a mutual friend in 2013. Over the years, I have needed assistance in my writing, and Charlene has always been there for me. The difference between her and any other writer that I've encountered is her ability to extract pertinent details. I have always been reluctant to share certain experiences of my journey, but she has aided me in understanding the importance of speaking truth to power. Her approach is never overbearing. She is more of a guiding light, and her intention is clear: she wants her clients to be their best selves. When I have looked back on projects and pieces that she has edited, I am in awe of the choices I was encouraged to make because of her incredible insight.

There is so much that I can say about Charlene, everything from her life changing books to her gift of speaking. I can go on and on, but I'll end with saying that Charlene has a gift, a powerful one. There is no doubt in my mind that every word she writes is carefully crafted and is meant to connect with her audience on a deeper level. If anyone is looking to bring their projects, writing, or their business to the next level, she will be the gem that you'll treasure again and again. Jonaral Martin, Writer, Actor, Social Activist

I had the best experience working with Charlene! She was prompt and attentive to my time-sensitive project. Not only did she get the job done quickly but she also really put the care and quality into my writing project. I would recommend Charlene to any of my friends. Angela Peterman, Angela Peterman Photography

I can't say enough about how much working with Charlene has meant to the process of getting my book, The Sun Is Always Shining, to print. You won't find an editor who can tell you like it is, like Charlene. Some people might find that intimidating, but with Charlene, she is passionate about putting quality work together for her clients. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to stop, but she made sure to stay with me and we finally got it done. I complain because the process took a while, from my point of view, but in reality we got this book done, from conception to print, in less than a year! I wrote a poetry book before (which she also edited) but this process of writing my fiction book was nothing like that. I was a rookie author, to say the least, but like the awesome, straight-forward professional that she is, she held my hand throughout the process, warning me of issues I may encounter, and it truly helped me to get to this point of being a published author!

Make sure you find the editor that you can vibe with the best, and when you can't seem to find anyone that fits that mode, come on back to Charlene E. Green. She'll step right in to provide you all of your editorial needs. Man! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! DeAntwann Johnson, Youth Counselor

CHARLENE!!!!! It [resume] looks awesome!!!!! I LOVE IT...I'm in tears (literally) right now. Thank you so much. Wow, I can't stop looking at it. I HIGHLY recommend everyone get a fresh resume, whether in a stable job, looking for work, looking to change careers, or just need to see all of your accomplishments on paper! Freda Moore, Elementary School Teacher

I have worked with many editors throughout my career, and Charlene is among the very best—if not the best—editors with whom I have worked. She has edited my books, articles, white papers, manuals, and other types of written material, and no matter what type of document I send her, I can expect to receive a perfectly edited and proofread copy in a very quick turn-around time. She’s extremely knowledgeable, accurate, and a professional of the highest order. She’s also warm, witty, and very personable—in short, a pleasure to work with! Julie Diamond, Ph.D., Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

As a copy editor for most of my career, I had primarily focused on restructuring paragraphs for readability, omitting redundancies, and fact-checking. However, when I became a proofreader this year, I found that my job duties were more narrowed and required catching mechanical, grammar, and punctuation errors—those were the priorities, not rewriting the writer’s copy.

It doesn’t seem like much of a transition, but it was! And I found myself constantly looking up grammar rules, even basic ones that kids learn in elementary school! I concluded that I had been highly spoiled in my copy-editing career. I had done the hard work of making the copy flow, and someone else would come in after and correct all the pesky grammar and spelling errors.

As I now work in a very fast-paced marketing environment, taking time to look up grammar rules was significantly hurting my production time.  What should have taken me 45 minutes to proofread was taking up to two hours. I knew I had to find some help—and fast!

I met Charlene on a social media site for editors. We became friends first, and after she told me she could help me, a business relationship blossomed. She reviewed my proofreading work (post production) and answered grammar questions that I would submit through a Q&A format. But I really got more for my money. She went the extra step to give me encouragement and to hone in on the aspects of grammar that I needed to master. In total, I will have worked with Charlene for about 3 months.

Did it help? Oh my goodness, did it! She helped me eliminate the extra time I was spending ogling over word choices that, in the end, never needed to be changed in the first place. She sent me links to tons of reference sites in which to get information along with sites that offered quizzes to keep my new skills fresh!

What a treasure I found in Charlene’s services! I credit her for my getting my MOJO back. She is truly a blessing to me! Jennifer M. Schreiber

Charlene was very thorough and responsive. The overhaul on my resume was very professional. Within 24 hours of submitting my resume, I was contacted by a recruiter. Liz Kemp

Charlene is a godsend! I was working on a very important job application, and I was really stuck. I had spent hours revamping my resume, and it was excessively long with a confusing format. I knew it was too long, but I was very concerned about leaving off valuable information. Charlene worked her magic and helped me when I had lost hope in getting my resume right and had just been spinning my wheels. Charlene trimmed my resume from a whopping four pages of blather to two neatly formatted, succinct, organized yet comprehensive and descriptive pages. I credit her for creating a strong resume that helped me snag an interview for a very competitive job. Diana Lopez

My resume was done professionally, quickly and with expertise. Charlene was a pleasure to work with. We communicated via email all during the process. She was quick to respond to my questions and when I had last minute additions, she did not hesitate to make the necessary adjustments. I would recommend her services to anyone that needs a new or updated resume. On a scale of 1-10 she gets a 10 across the board. Definitely will use her again. Kashonda Knox

Charlene is a consummate professional through and through and a real pleasure to work with! She communicates with clarity, integrity, and warmth and her work is impeccable. Not only did Charlene suggest a more thorough editing of the work—which made our title all the more impressive—but she even completed the job before promised (unheard of in the publishing industry)! I highly recommend Charlene! Lisa Blair, Belly Song Press

Charlene tended to my words and the ideas embedded in them, with the care of a midwife and deft hand of an editor. Never was there a time that she didn’t communicate clearly and professionally. Never was there a time that she took even as long as we agreed to complete the work I tasked her with. I have great trust in putting my words into her editorial hands. Thank you, Charlene!! David Bedrick, J.D., DIPL PW,

Charlene has been a joy and a blessing for me. I had an unusual literary project that took more than the usual run-of-the-mill agent/counselor to evaluate, suggest, assist and inspire its completion. She knows the whole process of writing, planning, editing and marketing your “baby” until it is worthy of a public offering. Lois Selby Perry

We appreciate Charlene for her outstanding ability to quickly grasp technical papers, concept papers with specialty terminology. She keeps to her deadlines and is a wonderful team worker. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Max Schupbach, Deep Democracy Institute

Charlene took the time to ask me in-depth questions and give specific suggestions about my project [during critiquing]. As a result, I was able to both save a lot of time and keep my project on track. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in taking their project to the next level. Alaina Alexander

Thorough, efficient, keen eye, and quick turnaround. Katherine Norland, Author, Actress
I reached out to Charlene to help give me some clarity and direction on writing my book. During my Creative Consultation, Charlene attentively listened as I told her the purpose and goals I wanted to accomplish with this project. She pointed me in the right direction; and as a result I now have a better understanding of how the writing process goes and I owe it all to Charlene. I look forward to working with her in the future as the project progresses. Raijean Stroud -
I needed my poems edited without the meaning being stripped away. Charlene offered a sample edit for free and I was happy with it. My book was completed within a week, and she made notes about things that were changed. What I enjoyed about this service the most, is the level of professionalism. Charlene communicated with me and helped me to complete one of my most important goals. I am forever grateful and will be recommending people. Christina Wherry
Charlene E. Green is amazing.  She was easy to work with and made it a mission to follow directions and keep to her word of our agreed working strategy, and she succeeded.  (I was a bit particular of how I wanted the project done, and it was new to the both of us.) It was touching how determined she was on doing it my way.  The work she produced I will hold dear to me. I value her validation and the ability she had to put my unspeakable experiences into bold, brave, heartfelt words. Thank you. Katelyn Stone, author of Waking the Dragon
Thanks for everything you have done; it [resume] is perfect; you are AWESOME and super efficient!!! You have helped me tremendously! Keep doing everything you are doing. You are a true gift to the world! Rashondra Woods
My name is Gloria Franklin, author of Tips for Teens Vol.1. I commissioned Charlene to critique and edit my work. Charlene is truly an incredible professional who takes pride in her work. She takes the time to walk you through every step of the project until it is completed. I will not attempt to write another book without Charlene. Thank you for all your help. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Gloria Franklin
Charlene gave me valuable industry insight that reframed my focus and gave me better guidelines for developing my project. I have more confidence in myself as a result of our consult, and I have the framework I need now to bring out the full potential of my creative freedom. Thanks, Charlene! Siobhan Boland

Charlene E. Green is a literary force of nature. As I began the journey of developing my own writing, through the creation of a blog, Charlene brought intense, laser-precision focus to my work as she edited, and coached my progress. She helped me understand the importance of doing it right, and doing it now. Her style of work is honest, laid back, and carefree (which feels so good while you are in the process of revealing your heart and soul, which is YOUR work). 
Her ability to keep you focused is poetry in motion, because really, she encourages your best work, and you will give it, and then, you will love her for her effortless ability to do so. The aspect of her work I most admire is her command of the English language, and her ability to express herself in the most appropriate and effective way. She will help you do exactly the same thing. Nakia Smith, Master Be-ing Blog.

Hello Charlene, I went through the manuscript and was impressed with the changes. Thanks a million times for such a great job. When I decided to choose you to do the job, I had so much confidence that you will do a wonderful job and you did. You will be hearing from me again with my next project when I finish writing it. I will send you a copy of the book when it is ready. Thanks. Lizzy Iweala

Charlene, you are what I have been looking for. I have found my editor. The minor corrections you have already made [to chapter one of the book] will make a huge difference. K. Foucher

Charlene,Thanks for everything. I think you did an excellent job. It's been a pleasure working with you and I'm sure we'll be doing so again. David Greaves, Our Time Press

Thank you for your help on that last piece of fiction. You were right on. Keith Ball

Thanks Charlene, You are perfect in what you do. I truly appreciate you. You do know your stuff. Pat Jonathan

Charlene did an amazing job on my [poetry] book, it was edited to perfection without changing my poetic wording. I suggest y'all get your work edited by her as well!!! DeAntwann Johnson

My name is Cherise "Reese" Charleswell, author of Real Talk TIPS: Laugh-Out-Loud Pointers & Suggestions, for the Morally Challenged, Socially Inept, &  The People Who Love Them.  This was my first book project, and I had the genuine pleasure of working with Ms. Charlene Green, and I am highly satisfied by her professional editorial services. Charlene is a great editor to have involved in a book project for a number of reasons. Her services are timely and efficient, she offers periodic updates on the editorial process, does not stray from the general "feel" of the manuscript, and ultimately gives the author two final formats of her editorial files; which allows them to accept all her changes and suggestions, or reject the few that they feel may not align with their writing style.I will certainly request the editorial services of Charlene Green in the future, and I have already suggested that others utilize Ms. Green as great editorial resource. Thank You. Cherise "Reese" Charleswell

I recently [commissioned] Charlene to create a custom poem to commemorate my daughter's high school graduation. Charlene was able to capture all of the emotion and sentiment that I wanted to convey to my daughter. She created a poem that is personal but has an ability to resonate with everyone that has read it and moved many to tears. Charlene was prompt (I had a final copy within a week) and easy to work with. I couldn't ask for more. Ameera Snell

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